Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I miss school.

I realized that when I had a talk about advertising and PR in social media at a university in Lucena earlier this month.

You see, I only made it to my second year in college (long story). You can say, "Hey it's ok. Look where you are right now?" But here's a thought: What if I actually finished school? The possibility of establishing myself and my business could've been sooner. And there's something about having a college diploma. Parents go crazy for that.

I'm gonna secure one for my mom soon. How? Well, I've considered flying with the big blue eagle, but the vastness of the university and the "involvement" of its students made me think otherwise. I can't commit to something as big as this with the business on full throttle. I can't even try for fear of either aspects suffering from the time I'll be devoting to either one.
Hey, blue chairs!
I'm also considering the applying process. I'm not a fan of that. I don't like the feeling of anticipation if you're gonna get in or not. It's nerve-racking! And also, another thing which I'm also not a fan of is the transferring. I've done it several times! Though it opened to opportunities of meeting new friends, I didn't enjoy the actual and technical process of transferring. Good thing I was not the one who took the burden of fixing the papers and the like.

Well, I'm happy to announce that the "issue" concerning school transfers has been addressed by one school!

Monday, September 15, 2014


I'm in a good coffee mood lately. Actually, I'm always in the mood for coffee. So that's usually a cup in the morning to start my day and another one in the afternoon. But if your mood for coffee extends to even your social media networks, now that's something else! You call it addiction.

By sharing this post, I'm actually admitting that yes, I'm a coffee addict. Have you seen this video of Ellen Adarna? No, not the boxing vid.

This one from Nice Day! Coffee!

What was your reaction the first time you saw this? Me? I'm not surprised knowing that the makers of Nice Day! Coffee are also those behind GlutaMAX. Remember the "Kutis Mayaman" ads? But more than being controversial, these brands are actually good! I actually encountered Nice Day! Coffee and liked it way before I saw this "banned" TVC. What's not to like given that Nice Day! Coffee has actual health benefits in it? And that's on top of having the fit and hot Ellen Adarna to endorse it.

Wanna be healthy and hot like Ellen Adarna?

Thursday, September 11, 2014


The usual coffee, or should I say kopi, of course.

And then some!

Kopi Roti is expanding its food menu! Let's talk about kaya spread and kopi buns.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


What's up with the gloomy vibe of the photos?
Regatta hoodie
Zara jogger pants
New Balance sneakers

HYPE on Lookbook

Well I'm just being "one" with the weather we're experiencing lately.
Regatta shirt
Zara jogger pants
Dr. Martens sandals

HYPE on Lookbook
I'm also showing you the versatility of wearing a "summer" brand which is Regatta. You see, you can wear it even on a stormy day. Haha. But seriously, the weather's not cooperative lately so I hope you get the point. But seriously, seriously? You can wear Regatta anytime of the year.

Now here's a perfect Regatta photo.


A lot of exciting things are happening this month! Personally, aside from the birthdays of several special people (three of them share the 4th) in my life, there's the overwhelming flow of work (it gets tiring but I'm not complaining), my blog/online life's progress, and let's not forget… it's officially the start of the longest Christmas in the whole wide world! #onlyinthePhilippines

And also, I haven't read any references to that Green Day song on my timelines so yeah, it's a good sign.

So, what am I specifically excited about this month? Let me trim that down to my top 7. Starting with…

#1 The talk I'll be doing with Marcelo Santos III and Natashya Gutierrez this September 5 at Lucena. This will be my second time to visit the place. The first time? Way back in 2006!
For more details, contact:
Kristoffer Tibor 09297710338
Kristine Riego 09496226316
Keanu Rairata 09231915969

#2 Ramen!!! If you love Yabu, then you'll love Ippudo, too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I believe in grabbing opportunities by its horns the minute it present itself. Like being invited to speak to a group of established Doctors in Batangas. That's something I couldn't pass up (even though the memory still makes me feel queasy). An hour before that talk, I was able to enjoy a short period of free time at Pontefino, Batangas. Fell in love (seriously) with the place! Who wouldn't?
Took this on my own. Self-timer mode, baby.
How do you like my navy suit?

Now, this is also an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Bought this set the minute I set my eyes on it at the opening of Burton here in Manila a few months ago.

Wore this again for lunch at Midas Hotel Cafe last week. I made sure to ask someone to take a decent photo of me wearing it since the first one (though picturesque) was in poor quality.
Burton sunglasses
Burton navy suit
Traffic monkstraps
Memo socks

Hype on Lookbook
More about Burton…

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Cole Haan, the iconic American lifestyle footwear and accessories brand, recently unveiled its newest men's shoe line, the ZeroGrand in the Philippines.
ZeroGrand integrates innovation and craftsmanship in an engineered product that is the lightest and most flexible shoe Cole Haan has ever created, weighing in at less than 290 grams each. By considering make, mass and motion, Cole Haan has married centuries-old broguing details with biomechanics, modern materials and today's manufacturing methods. ZeroGrand for Cole Haan, defines the future.
Together with the ZeroGrand is the launch of the new Cole Haan cushioning and comfort platform called the Grand.OS. The Grand.OS is an "operating system" for the feet that comprises three major characteristics: greater flexibility reduced weight and increased cushioning. These characteristics applied separately or together, deliver an exceptional feel without compromise.
MASS. The future is weightless; weight induces muscle fatigue but at just 290 grams, the ZeroGrand rivals footwear designed for long-distance runners.
The flexibility of Grand.OS comes through the engineered insoles, outsoles, liners and uppers that move with each step. Moreover, Grand.OS replaces the heavy steel shanks that have traditionally been used for support with an engineered cushioning compound that is stronger, more flexible and longer lasting, reducing the overall weight and slimming down the shoe's outsole.
MAKE. The future is seamless; fewer parts mean fewer seams and the result is a natural, relaxed body in ZeroGrand that feels nearly non-existent on the foot.
Representatives in the Philippines echoed what David Maddocks, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cole Haan in the US said about the ZeroGrand: "The outstanding thing about ZeroGrand is the fact that it is highly engineered, yet beautifully designed and crafted. Cole Haan compromised nothing. It's stealth. It's sleek. It's the perfect complement to a modern, slim-cut suit —in a way that says: I mean business, but not business as usual."
MOTION. The future is also boundless; the human foot is an elegant instrument of motion, strength, and agility and the ZeroGrand complements this by moving with graceful flexibility and luxurious cushioning that rebounds with each step.
Check out the ZeroGrand at Cole Haan Powerplant Mall, Rockwell; Shangri-La Plaza; and at Glorietta 4. Learn more about the newest collection on Facebook and on Instagram!